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A collective gallery of pictures found on Instagram. The pictures are mostly absurdist in nature, and since at the time of writing this definition they only have one photo, we can assume that as a gang they mostly laugh at their own jokes, leaving anyone that witnesses this crew's sense of humor wondering if they truly ever had one to begin with. Shenanagangs exist all over the world at a rate of 1 out of only or oh so many. Generally the true "artistry" of a shenanagang member heavily utilizes the "Mark-Up" feature on their limited photo editing program found on the iPhone. Any collective should include a pile of computer rendered rocks, a cute reddish orange feral canine with a vest and no pants, a wise primate in their human form and a person of an undetermineable race (even better when no one member's race can be determined) like Captain Planet, but his gang didn't have Instagram, so he couldn't be a shenanagang member.
A: "Ayo, you see the art history homework Mr Shonuff gave us about hidden parables within Egyptian hieroglyphics?

B: "Hell yeah, them Egyptian niggas are like the OGs of shenanagangs."

A: "True dat, they like the ninjapirate versions of Banksy yo."
by Gentleman of Four Outs June 27, 2017
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