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A female who goes from a homeless shelter to a domestic violence shelter to receive free help.
I just helped this woman who needed some money for gas to go to the doctor.

Why what is wrong with her situation?Is she homeless?
Yes she just left the shelter she was in because she didn't feel safe with the erratic behaviour of some of the other residents. They were threatening her.

So is she having to live in her car now?
No she is at a women's shelter that can help with the trauma of being abused and threatened. It's safer for her.

She has no family to keep her safe and she is alone. She had to leave another countythat was helping her because she kept getting attacked and she has P. T. S. D. Now she is here for safety reasons.

Oh girl I hate to sound mean but she is a shelter hopper from the sounds of it.

What is that?
Someone whooped shelter to shelter to get free help and plays victim.
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by Missa Anne January 24, 2018
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