Owner of Manchester City FC (Football Club, not SOCCER CLUB).

Originally He is from UAE, He speaks decent English, but barely show up in front of the media.

Such a hero for Manchester City fan since he decided to invest his money to bought quality players which are mostly expensive ones.

He has his own chants amongst the fans:

"Sheikh Mansour went to Spain in a Lamborghini, brought us back a manager, Manuel Pellegrini"

He is utterly rich, though, he has a merit for Manchester City FC to lift them up from unnoticeable Mid-table Football Club, to a serious League Champion contender.

Basically he is the cause of the fact why plenty of Manchester United fans (who thought that Manchester City is such a "Noisy Neighbour, though, eventually they didn't realize that they are the one who became a "Noisy Neighbour" by long lasting criticize towards Manchester City) feeling so mad and jealous,
A: Hey, Do you know Sheikh Mansour Chant?
B: "Sheikh Mansour! Sheikh Mansour! went to Spain in a Lamborghini! brought us back a manager, Manuel Pellegrini!
A: Wow, insane! indeed. That's such a tremendous chant!
B: Definitely!
by freakyholic July 29, 2014