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A cross breed between a shelby and a bulbasaur (pokemon), this girl is hilarious and knows how to have a good time. Enjoys using outlandish expressions and whistles frequently. Please propose to her using a pokeball, because to catch this girl you gotta treat her right. She is a lover of smooth jazz, hot pockets, football, and likes to sleep in on the weekends. This name will definitely outlast her college career. Nicknames from shebolbasourus rex include: bolba, rex, bulbasaur, bulbasaurus rex, and sometimes just shelby.
"shebulbasaurus rex, what are ya doing?"
"hey bolba let's go get some starbucks"
"shelby, how's that hot pocket?"
"rex you should probs wake up, its def like 2 in the afternoon"
by trumpet2010 November 12, 2012
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