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Shebah is the most beautiful girl u will ever meet. She is wise as much as she is beautiful. She may be a little shy and may not speak as much but once you get to know her ,you would never trade her for anythinh else in this world. Shebahs are royal in nature they show a sense of high standards of ethics and they are usually found to be very wise and understanding. If she is your girl friend then you are the most luckiest guy in the world. Looking into her eyes would just get you lost in your own world. Her smiles are out of this world beautiful. They are highly pretty and have a lot of brains too. Shebahs are very kind and gentle. They understand people and try to know their feelings. If you have a shebah in your life,hold on to her never let her go because she is the best thing that has ever happened to you.
by Mrawesum January 11, 2018
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