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A school district notorious for being #1 in everything jn texas. What people don't know is that the school is full of fuck boys, hoes, showoffs/tryhards, losers, and overall douchebags that don't care about anything other than sex. You usually find sophomores being pregnant, and useless pep rallys that only make the students want to die even more.
Fuckboy: Yeah bro! I LOVE SHARYLAND!

Guy: I hope you get aids

Hoe: I got pregant from this boy at sharyland!

Loser: *continues to repeat same joke for the rest of the year.*
by sharylandsucksballs October 31, 2017
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You get Suspended or ISS for following the schools rules, you get a tardy slip for being in class one nano second late, fucking kill me please.
Irvinn from sharyland was late to class even though he was in the classroom before the bell rang.
by Mclovin el dad May 27, 2018
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