Sharwood : Retarded misinformation that dumb journalists write when they can't be bothered doing actual journalism. Named after the worst tabloid hack of all time.

Typical symptoms of Sharwood articles include (but are not limited to) flat-out lies in the Title. Misleading and sensationalistic content. Deliberately divisive language, designed to work as click-bait for the lowest common denominator. Stupid competitiveness, like comparing who's sandwich is best, and declaring everyone with a different filling to be somehow inferior. Dumb "top 10" style articles - usually about things to do at the airport or the most annoying passengers on a plane. Painful sucking-up to has-been celebrities and nobodies. Opinions that were outdated in the 80s. No facts what-so-ever.
Person1 : "Did you read the news today? Eating ice-cream causes shark-attacks."
Person2 : "You're an idiot. That was a Sharwood article. You may as well read the inside of a babies nappy."
Person1 : "Oh my God. I accidentally read Sharwood. Now I need a lobotomy."
by yawnagain April 4, 2014