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an extremely rare and majestic mythological creature which is the offspring of the unholy union of a shark and a unicorn. such a mating will only result in conception when the act occurs under a rare double rainbow. sharkicorns resemble great white sharks, but their skin is metallic silver and a glorious golden horn sprouts from the forehead. many sharkicorns opt to sport a tattoo of the letters BGS, bitches get stitches. sharkicorns are far more intelligent than sharks and more magical than unicorns. the sharkicorn communicates telepathically, and are believed to be masters of mind control. it is a well known fact that sharkicorns fart glitter, and the fart of a sharkicorn is the most potent aphrodisiac in the world. basically, sharkicorn trumps everything. the sharkicorn was first spotted in martha's vineyard in the summer of 1983, but had not been seen since until the summer of 2011 when a glorious sharkicorn appeared to the three musketeers of crazy and sent them on their most important mission ever: to educate the world about the majestic, glorious SHARKICORN!

*interesting trivia* the original lyrics to the hit '80s song were, in fact, NOT ""chake khan, chaka khan, lemme love you chaka khan", but rather "sharkicorn, sharkicorn, lemme love you sharkicorn".

also a term used in roller derby to describe scoring 35 points in a single jam.
that guy is so repellent he'd have to find a sharkicorn to fart on him to get laid.

derby - player 1: princess pisspot scored a unicorn in our last


player 2: 25 points isn't a big deal. dippin' dot

scored a sharkicorn!
by poisonH8FL August 14, 2011
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An animal with the body of a shark and the legs and tail of a unicorn. Lives in the ocean but loves to frolick on the shore of the majestic beaches of Harmon lake of Mandan, North Dakota. Not to be confused with a Horshark that's completely unbelievable and made up by some dread headed pot smoker. I once got to capture this elusive majestic animal frolicking the sandy little beach known as Harmon Lake.
The elusive majestic hard to photograph sharkicorn.
by Sharkicorn November 25, 2016
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