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a small, carnivorous, reptilian mammal living on rancho blanco which is closely related to a chupacabra. the difference is that a shanoogalin is larger than its cousin, and much scarier when seen. it is known for feeding off of the large wetback population frequenting the areas near the rio grande in the southern portion of this ranch. Those several people who were lucky enough to survive an encounter with it described it as "very large", "furry", "had glowing red eyes", and that it carried the stench of hundreds of dead bodies.
"Dude, i saw the biggest shanoogalin down by the forrest"
"Sally! That shanoogalin just touched me!!!"
"harold-anne, that shanoogalin is furry and glowing!"
"that is a long shanoogalin"

by Dr. Clara Palm August 08, 2008
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