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Is one of the many forgotten or unused greek words used to describe incredible beauty, came of the greek story shandre the dancer, who was blond very beautiful and was an unbelieveable dancer with very very beautiful eyes that could see trough ones soul and lies. She used to love a farm boy named johan but they were seperated due to johan's idiotic acts of foolishnes. It is said that johan still waits to this day to be with shandre, and it also said that the kiss they share at that moment when they meet again would be one made by the god of love himself watching in envy of these too. Also made an expresion "like the undying love of johan" . Other words to describe shandre,beautiful,sexy
"They're like johan and shandre." "Man! I wish we could be like johan and shandre"
by meneer bewer August 24, 2012
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