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putting down anyone or the general public in a Facebook post for something that one may perceive to be offensive (but may or may not be in reality); similar to gossiping.
Sara: posted a picture of someone not 'at their best' with the comment, "Oh, so who does this look like?! I laughed my ass off when I saw it! hahahaha!"

Brittany: thought to herself, "There goes Sara again, shamebooking her friends, doesn't she realize we see this?!?!"
by deekayCA February 03, 2010
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Calling out a friend or family member on Facebook for ignoring an obligation, family responsibility, or not acting responsibly.

Usually involves posting on their Facebook wall for all of their friends to see. This action is reserved if you have tried all other avenues such as phone calls, emails, contacting other friends or other family members. Shamebooking should be the last resort of contact.
Dude, you are acting like a jerk you have forced me into shamebooking you on Facebook. You should come home and see your family.
by brinkhus January 01, 2011
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