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1. The biggest advancement in shammy, towel, or rag technology.

2. When ordinary towels just soak up liquids(rly boring) the shamWOOHOO will knock the liquids of the surface.

3. Not 2 be confused with the shamwoohoo, this is the shamWOOHOO.

4. Created by nigahiga, not me.
1. Random a-hole: I don't know how towels work.

Me: Then use the shamWOOHOO.

Same a-hole: Don't u mean shamwoohoo?

Me: No, the 4th definition says different, a-hole, now u cant use it.

2. If u cant use ordinary towels, use the uncessessful shamWOOHOO!

3. That's it. Toodles.
by xxxpinkasssparkle69xxx July 12, 2009
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