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Suckling the cum out of a female after a male ejaculation in her rectum by means of that person being the third party or in a orgy with multi persons.
And it not being his or her affiliation.
Not there own scereations!

And can also be from the vaginal region.
A phedish of extreme level done by either sex or bysexual. Imeadiately afterwards is typically a shalooper ID.
Sha- referring to she.
La- to the lapping up

Poop- being the anus
Me and my girl had sex last night an pornopam you remember her ?
She is a shaloop er duper trooper ate it all even suckered on her pooper!

Yeah I was out shalooping I sure like it.

Do you shaloop?

I'm shaloopedified . Chill N you?
by Roosterhook January 16, 2017
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