The deciding factor, on whether or not you are a good student. Based on a scale of 4 (4 being the best). Typically sarcastic, and used to sarcastically commend someone as a over achieving, not humble, and overbearing student. Based on the works of the Shajan.
Wow, you're the only one who studied for the test, that give's you a Shajan Factor of 4.
by Lily D. October 8, 2003
A great and awesome friend that is hot too. In person he is jesus, but online you may find him violating the Geneva conventions in 17 different ways.
*In person*
Shajan's friend: Hey im too poor to get a heart transplant, can you help!??
Shajan: *Drives fist into chest and pulls out heart
Shajan's friend: Woah dude thanks you are hot too

Shajan's friend: Hey im doing my test soon, can you guys wish me luck?
Shajan: fuck you
by @TheRealMittRomney April 27, 2021