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The superlative form of "sexy", one of many English adjectives to enter definitively uncorrupted into the common parlance of other Romance languages. E.G. El 'livingroom'. (ES) "OK" (IT & ES)

This from : "Elizabeth Hurley posa muy 'sexy' para un anuncio que promociona el consumo de leche."
Translation/ : "Elizabeth Hurley poses provocatively for an ad that promotes milk."

English word for an attractive "Latin." Usually applied to females. "Sexissimo" could be said of a male. Though of American usage here, "sexissima/o" is not unheard of in Italian. An attractive Spanish/Italian speaker who can't deduce the meaning of "sexissimo/a" when you address them as such is an idiot, or doesn't want to talk to you.
You and your testosterstoned friend are focused on something unpleasant, hard at work perhaps. An attractive Italian woman enters your domain and you notice her and wish to share your appreciation:

You (aroused): "Dude."

Your friend (frowning, unaware): "What?"

You (indicating with a glance): "Check out sexissima."

Your friend (in total accord): "Damn. Sex-ISSI-ma!"
by William S. Nelson July 04, 2008
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