Very pleasing to the eye. alternate spelling for the word sexy.
Sabrina is a very sexy girl, and i want her to be my girlfriend. Will you?
by Sparto June 06, 2005
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Pointless spelling of sexy(<---notice the Y it's there for a reason). Indicates that whatever you are describing is sexually attractive to you and you would like to have intercourse with it. Therefore, stating that an inanimate object is sexi(y) means you want to have sex with it.
That civic is sexi! Hey anyone gotta condom? I'm gunna stick my wang in the exhaust pipe.
by the angry mexican November 20, 2005
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(N)Usually what an overweight, drunk, blonde says sbout herself after all her friends deserted her at a club. And then she tries to spell it. and then passes out and gets tea bagged by pathetic losers in her sleep.
Hey! I'm the seeeeexiest grrrriiirrrrll innn here! Do you hear me? I'm sexi! Ssss -*DEEP breath*- Eeee -*another*- Xxxx - Iii *ten deep breaths* *THUMP*
by umyeaumcoolioyea April 21, 2006
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