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Very very very sexi

Origin: The “taim” we are referring to has evolved since the ancient times. According to the old Roman scrolls discovered by the UK scholar team in the early 1800s, “taimere” was used in context of cleaning the royal quarters. There were old maids and young boys that were “taimere” the emperor’s chambers. Per further investigation, and findings of new scrolls containing colloquial idioms related to a play written by Agusto Rossarus, “taimere” has evolved into “taim” for short. And through the play and the local use of the word, the meaning has evolved as well. On-stage, young boys, professional actors, would dress down and clean the emperor’s chambers in the nude. In the play, the emperor was poked fun of and portrayed as a pervert, of a sort. The young boys would continue to clean in the nude, pleasing the emperor. As you might suspect, from there, the use of the word has evolved from plain cleaning into something with a sexual connotation. This has survived, and, in part was revived by our group. Now, the name sexi taim, is kind of duplicative, as taim itself is very sexy indeed. However, it is used to reinforce the point of it being very very very sexi.
George: hi
Michelle: hello
George: sexi taim?
Michelle: Yes, indeed
by Ross my Boss October 27, 2007
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