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To write a definition for the urban dictionary i.e. one of a of a highly graphic, but physically impossible/unacheivable/ridiculous sexual nature, written by someone that has no actual sexual experience. The sad intention behind this act is seeing one's name in print. It is a chronic condition characterised by having very small genitalia, no life, and an inability to socially interact with persons of the opposite/same sex due to being an utter and complete cretin. The only known cure is long walks and to stop espousing shite to real people

i.e. Those that are likely to smack you in the mouth for uttering such crap (The same as your mothers should have done, you sad fuckers.)
Exclamation: " hey dude/ waheeti/ obi wan kenobi/ whatever, i totally wompmasajoned her ass, with a large Jerusalem artichoke, several sheets of industrial grade marine plywood, four of my imaginary computer friends, and involving defecation and ejaculation, Oh and by the way, some shite place that you've never heard of/ have any interest in/would rather was obliterated by a small say 20k nuclear weapon woz where it happened dude/obi wan kenobi etc, is that a sexeditcrapitus thing to get me noticed or wot {ad Nauseam}

Real Person: " you futile, pathetic cunt" {'Smack' sound as fist makes contact with morally degenerate/pathetic/puerile mouth.
by SaRiN STePPeNWoLFe August 31, 2006
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