Street slang for bad ass seamstress. A mix of hobbyist meets seamstress. It is also a word that is despised by many seamstresses in Free Speech!
I'm a sewist. I only sew for fun and don't get my moist panties in a bunch over words.
by Sccreationz November 23, 2016
A person who sews. Also known as seamstress, dressmaker and sewer. A word created to replace the word sewer due to it's unfortunate spelling. Not to be confused with the type if sewer where The TMNT reside.
I prefer to be called a "sewist" as it is more hipster than seamstress or sewer. Please see definition above in regards to the term "sewer" .
by Imasewist March 14, 2017
Sewist is a person that performs the art and craft of sewing and may be hobbiest or professional.
Sewage goes in a sewer, not a flattering word, not differentiating from one who sews.

Sewist isn't a gender biased word like seamstress, that has implied a female getting paid for sewing. Tailoring is seen as masculine, but is a specialty of sewing not a gender based ability.

Not all who sew can do seamstressing or tailoring! Alterations, formalwear, couture, curtains, drapery, couch covers, zipper repair, long arm quilting, piecing, infant wear, scrubs, winter wear, swimwear, dance and skaters outfits, costuming, historic reproduction, theatrical, etc etc etc. are all specialties that a Sewist might perform, one just has to ask.
New words get added to the dictionary all the time as the world evolves, thank you. Bitcoins accepted.
These pants are way too large, I wonder if there is a Sewist available who could fix them for me?
by UpLATEagain January 9, 2022