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An imaginary curse said to be caused by certain actions ie: breaking a mirror/ walking under a ladder/ running over your boss's dog.

Of course, this is just an old wives tale. Except running over the boss's dog. Unless you hide the body.
walking under a ladder will cause dizzinness for seven years- bullshit

walking under the boss's wife will cause temporary, fist-induced dizziness, and seven years unemployment.
by Gumba Gumba February 27, 2004
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if you break a mirror a curse u will get u will never fall in love loose your wife or husband all your kids will die wind up in prison etc and the only way to break this curse according to the leprechaun and the end of the rainbow is to listen to careless whisper from wham! over and over again and bath yourself in picures of steven tylers fish lips to lift the curse only to pass it on to the one you value most in live weather it be some in your life or some such as a role model like carrot top or some one you believe in like jesus.
dont break the mirror or youll get seven years bad luck

o shit i broke the mirror bow i got to bath in steven tylers fish lips
by shaymeow December 03, 2010
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