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A location only reached when an individual is in the presence of "Seshers". The "Seshers" congregate in a central location usually found in fadey spacial contexts. Such locations may include a living room, a roof top, a car, a bathroom, a city, an alley way,a basement, a backyard. Seshwanistan is a regular occurence particularily in the areas of mission beach San Diego, Burlingame California(b-town), the yay area, and sporadically found in houston texas.

Seshwanistan is not a physical location found by anyone and everyone. It is a subjective sub-conscious state of being, acquired through substance abuse (specifically marijuana, drank, and other forms of alcohol)
"hey wanna....." (a rise in tonation of the voice must occur as the statement progresses)

"Where are you bro?"
"The fade crew and me are visiting seshwanistan in?"
by Fade Crew May 11, 2006
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