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Stupid rookie tactics that experienced veterans in the game don't waste their time with. The mark of an amateur.
Barney: "Ho ho ho. Bye kids! That's all we have for today!"
Director: "Cut! Good job on the episode. See you all tomorrow."
Barney: "To hell with those fucking ankle-biters. I need a smoke like it ain't no thing. You got the mary jane?"
Big Bird: "Hell yeah ni'a I got a blunt that's fatter than a Tri Delt at a hot dog eating contest."
Barney: "Roll up that chronic, dogg."
Ernie: "This weed is brought to you by the letter M."
(Ernie takes a weak-ass hit, coughs like crazy, and doesn't inhale)
Big Bird: "WHAAAAT??? Get that sesame street shit out of here, fool. You don't even know how to smoke. And FUCK the letter M...I got this shit straight from SAMPSON, BEEITCH!"
by Nick D September 27, 2005
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