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When one should constantly behave in an objectionate manner they can be defined as a serprex. These sort of people have a tendancy to be negative towards anyones suggestions or ideas. Being a serprex comes with your own special guidelines for use of wording and grammer. For example most sentences tend to start with "Ya" and end with "eh?". Spaces must never be left after commas when typing and also occasionally words will be shortened. This shorthand form of writing takes the name "Erpre". A serprex has a short attention span so will usually develop some strange habbits such as talking to pencils or swinging on chairs to pass time.

Person: Do you like this game i made.
Serprex: I object to your game!!

Typical serprex sentance:

Serprex: Ya so you like cookies,eh?
by FireflyX October 17, 2007
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