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Serenety could be a back stabbing bitch. She will use one of her friends just to get more. She an ugly ass hoe, she would copy anybody. But just for people to think she's cool she loves the D. She has black hair, dark brown eyes, a big ass nose, big ass eyes, big crusty lips, her teeth are all far apart from eachother and yellow as shit, she gets no bitchez, she a big ole' hoe, she a useful cunt tho, she might be smart but she super smart when it comes to dat dick ;). Da bitch also got dat nappy ass weave and needs to take that crusty ass shit, get a brush(tho the shit will break), and fix her ratchet ass hair.
I met Serenety yesterday, she was such a slut, all she did was talk about dick. What a dick suckin bitch.
by Hehe, slut April 14, 2017
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