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A person that is basically an angel in every way possible, her personality is gorgeous, her looks outstanding and she is overall the best person that u will ever meet :) she is the type of person who you would love to be around. sequioa is a person who will always keep everything 100 with you, she doesn't lie nor does she like liars. never get her mad or it will be dangerous for you. sequioa is a sexy,flexible,intelligent,and honest person. she is to be a great dancer and loves everyone. everyone loves sequioa and sequioa loves everyone else. she is the best girlfriend to ever have. no matter what she is loyal and will always have her boyfriends back .
Sequioa is so awesome, bestest friend to have.
I wish Sequioa was my girlfriend, i'd love to be with her.
by Lola Mitchell March 13, 2017
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