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(n): The last-ditch attempt among college seniors to find new hook-up partners or consummate a long-standing crush before graduation. While the term may refer to the final year of college, it is usually understood to mean the final semester or trimester, especially during the last (spring) weeks of school. With the impending end of a college environment, the connotation of scramble is desperate solicitation and confession. The practice is common among both men and women.

(v): to engage in a senior scramble, or to be party to a senior scramble.
1. "Can you believe we're graduating in a month?"
"Time for senior scramble"

2. "She never called me back."
"You got senior scrambled."
by mxm March 08, 2009
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The Senior Scramble is a two part definition, it involves a man and a woman, generally both having low self esteems. The Senior Scramble term can be associated with two people first meeting their senior year then quickly marrying, or it can be two people who have dated for a long time and have given up on finding someone they actually like and have given up on happiness, then they end up getting married immediately after college. Watching two students marry who don't truly like each other is a complete joy. Whether it's because they just met and the pressures to be popular are too strong, or they've dated for years and realize that their personalities are junk and everyone else has been taken by the Scramble... Either way, the non-scrambles get a free party out of the wedding reception and a good laugh as the marriage ends in divorce or everlasting sadness.
A.) Kyle: You don't think that I am a part of the Senior Scramble do you?
Tim: Kyle, look at it this way, you just met her senior year and you only think she's a gem because all the others have been picked over. It's just like when you go clothes shopping for shorts at the end of the summer, all the good stuff is taken and they're desperate for someone to take the merchandise. It seems like a deal at the time until the season starts over again. Unfortunately you are a part of the Senior Scramble.

B.) Chris: Hi Andy! Did you hear that Erika and I are getting married?
Andy: No, but I assumed so. You're both way to desperate and ugly to find another person, welcome to the Senior Scramble!
by DJ Dago February 23, 2011
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