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a different take on the word "semen", used sometimes as an escape for guys that are straight (questionably) but love using the word often in casual conversation because of its fun sound and comical implication.
especially useful for a guy whose friends are extreme homophobes.
-example 1-
zach: hey man, i was drinking some semen last night.
donald: oh dude, that's so gay.
zach: (goes over by the kitchen and pulls 'rewind' lever)
donald: hey dude, what's up?
zach: hey man, i was drinking some semmen last night.
donald: hmm, thats slightly unfamiliar, but i'm ok with it.

-example 2-
gabe: so today i went to blockbuster, licked some semmen off of a muscular man's pectorals, watched grey's anatomy instead of scrubs, and played some guitar.
meeka: whoa wait a minute! what was like the 2nd or 3rd thing you said??
gabe: licked semmen off a dude's chest?
meeka: no! the next one!
gabe: oooh, i watched grey's.
meeka: man you're such a fagle who likes guys and is gay; scrubs is way better than grey's anatomy... it has drama and comedy! and plus, people who just say "grey's" are even more gay.
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