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Semitasking is what we are actually doing when we think we are multitasking. A robot multitasks. We talk while we burn the pancakes.
Paying distracted attention to three things for fifteen minutes doesn't equal full attention for five minutes to each of three things.
Semitasking gives the illusion of versatility and a sense of accomplishment without the results of either.
Willfully semitasking on the drive to work, she had to retrieve her lipstick from her sinus cavity after running into the car stopped in front of her.
by 3ric September 07, 2008
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Similar to multi tasking but not as dificult.
normally just hands doing seperate things such as shutting the fridge whilst opening the microwave.
can be used as a cover when doing something your not supposed to. eg. grabbing another beer and squeezing a girls ass. when she turns around you can claim it was you because you were getn another beer.
"i was eyeing up that girls ass before so i did some quick semi tasking as i got another drink and groped her up"

"bro semi task for me and put this on the barbie while u turn the steaks"
by Adam Rossouw September 12, 2007
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To do multiple tasks at once, not really putting in much concentration nor effort.
I had so much to do yesterday that I was only semi-tasking most of it, so I basically got nothing done.
by Shortimous April 21, 2018
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