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A Semenza is the best person. They probably seem stupid, but they are really smart and good at problem solving. Semenza is usually a last name but people with it as a last name usually get called Semenza anyways. Semenzas are pretty entertaining and make you laugh all the time. If you happen to find a Semenza, keep them because you need her/him to make you happy. You can always rely on them to love you and care for you. They don't often show their love for another until the last second. It's not often you find a Semenza so when you do, make her be your best friend. Semenzas will every once in a while will have blue/green eyes. They usually start out blonde but end as a person with dark hair.
"Hey, what's Semenza's first name?" Henry said.
"I don't know, we just stick with Semenza. Why be called by your first name when you have an awesome last name like Semenza!"
by Your bestieeee February 20, 2018
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