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A Roblox Player in the story of the Alonetraveler Myth and was a guard once on Alonetraveler's Planet.
People used to know him has abused but hes true power came from him finding out he is part guardian.
Selozar is a criminal in some people's eyes.
Selozar was abused
by RandomRobloxPlayer June 11, 2019
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SELOZAR is a weird rock thing that fucks Big Macs, Also a war criminal. Some people think he is “babey” but he is no babey, he stupid rock!!! He made AloneTraveler brain dead for a while!!! He stinky smelly!!!
Person1: hey have you heard of SELOZAR?

Person2: yeah he a stupid bitch
by BusterTheBettaFish October 06, 2019
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