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se-lig-ion (si-lij'en) n. 1. An essentially healthy doubting, dispositional, apathetic, questioning, etc., mindset abolishing humanity's relationship with any and all prescribed dogmas or deities; also, any inparticular way, method, growing, fashion, means etc., of doing so. 2. The essential process of 'thought change' that invigorates and enriches the corporeal/temporal lifestyle. 3. The aversion of the spiritual. 4. Obs. 'Without boundaries.' Abbr. SEL <L se-aside, apart, away, without + ligare to bind
"They had a healthy seligion on the fundamental processes of the arts, religions and maths, and continually questioned everything the professor said."
"They were out rightly seligious when it came to bowing before the queen."
"Seligionism was not just a mindset for them, it was a way of life."
"It is impossible to be religious and seligious at the same time."
"Even the preconceived notions and dogmas of science could not escape seligion."
"People who are seligiously inclined know that 'new is better'."
"Their seligiosity new no bounds."
by EDITOR IN CHIEF January 22, 2015
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