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Just like saying "yikes", it's a typical SJW response to anything those radically offended non thinkers don't agree with whilst having no arguments or 'time' to explain why your views are invalid.

It is supposed to mean "self criticize", which it's obviously short for. As in "find out for yourself what is wrong with your opinion" or sometimes even aimed at discrediting facts or personal experiences.

Hilarious phenomenon occur, because SJWs have very flawed ideas of this world, yet feel morally superior to anyone who doesn't think exactly like them. So they end up saying it to each other - since everyone has slightly different views and that's ok - and then no one knows why &what is even wrong with the statement that caused them to say "self crit!" in the first place.

More often they will say it to a person who belongs to the group they are trying to "defend" by saying "self crit". Usually this defending happens only online. Defending the oppressed (accidentally) from "offending" statements made by said oppressed, who didn't asked to be defended in the first place.

It's often best to ignore people using this term. They are in their own thought bubble and you aren't going to be the one to pop it for them. Beware, some people claim not to be a SJW, but everyone using the term is.

Even though other entries suggest it, it's not a "leftist" term! There are loads of sane leftist, who would never dare to use it unless ironic.
A transman says something about "female bodies", by which he means anyone who has a vagina, thus not just women. To most transman who suffer from gender dysphoria, that part of the body feels extremely feminine, thus female and biologically speaking it is part of the female reproductive organ.

SJW response:"self crit pls"

Now guess why the SJW felt the transman had to "self crit"?

Because the SJW felt it was a very transphobic choice of words. Since "vaginas aren't inherently female." Yes, SJW would actually use the term "self crit" on a transperson for feeling he's transphobic. No, this is not an incident. People are genuinely becoming this retarded.
by pyruvic acid July 23, 2017
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Term used to describe the act of reevaluating your own political ideologies and biases. Ironically, most often used by leftists asserting that someone's opinions are invalid because they did not arrive at the "correct" conclusion.
"Jane doesn't think it's transphobic to not want to date trans people. Rather than discuss this, I told her to self crit or quit."
by eckskayseedee December 11, 2016
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Short for self-criticism. Though few people could disagree with "self-criticism" on principle, it stands for a form of Maoist totalitarian mind control used by the more authoritarian portions of the left. The point isn't to criticize oneself so much as to replace all critical thought with a series of preconfigured, reductive, thought-terminating cliches that can be parroted in place of independent ideological analysis.
"But I just want to know how you can claim to be an anarchist and a Maoist at the same time, how that's even possible."
"You better self-crit."
by Valerie Morghulis May 26, 2017
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