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Similar to selective hearing, but when a colleague (usually a Manager) only chooses to respond to e-mails which suit their needs.

Typically, this is because they don't know *how* to respond, as a result of being incompetent.
They do this regardless of the impact their lack of reply has on their staff/colleagues.

Ultimately, they will not be held responsible for their lack of response and the blame will fall on the person who was awaiting their response!
Ben: "Corey, did you get my e-mail last Monday?"
Corey: "Yeah, mate."
Ben: "..... Can you let me know how to move forward on that? I need your guidance."
Corey: "Sure! I'll reply to you when I'm at my desk."
Matt: "Corey won't reply to your e-mail. He has selective e-mail, remember?"
Ben: "Shit."
by schofieldthescarecrow October 27, 2014
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