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A curious disorder predominantly affecting the male gender that when their wife, girlfriend or mother is under the same roof or within yelling distance they suddenly become incapable of finding any of their own or shared belongings. Such as keys, remote controls, phones, chargers etc.

When Selective Finding Disorder (SFD) hits, this man is easily upset often resulting in child like temper tantrums that commonly engage an entire household in a frantic search to find this lost item. Most often finally being found in the SFD patients own pocket or right in front of his temporarily blinded eyes!

Note: Often associated with selective hearing
As DUDE leaves for work and quickly returns to the house yelling and screaming...

DUDE: Baby!!! Where are my keys?? I can't find them anywhere
BABY: Check your pockets!
DUDE: I Did... common help me find them
BABY: If I have to get up and look for you because of your Selective Finding Disorder and they end up

being in your pocket you are making dinner tonight!
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