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An annual event on the Chinese New Year. It is when a girl spreads her asshole apart and volatile fluids (semen, blood, anal leakage, mudbutt, and other unnamed substances) seep out into the mouths of no more than 3-4 young men. After 15-20 seconds of gargling, the young men spray the fluids back at the face of the Chinese woman in an occulting manor. For professional seeping dragoners, they can ejaculate on the Chinese woman's petite knockers while spraying her face.
Woman: "Go gather no more than 2-3 of your buddies and we will go do a seeping dragon back at my place."
Man: "Aight sounds good, but you better lay out on you stomach so nothing seeps out of your asshole."
by CrippledAndBroken69 December 14, 2010
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