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A) A predetermined act on your opponent to test their attentiveness, knowledge and intelligence on a particular subject. A test of one's eyesight, subjecting a hypothesis to a test. An evaluative device or procedure in which an outcome of the opponents response is used for self gratification. Inaccurate verbalization or over-inflated claims are intended to 'see how it flies', meaning to see if they fall for it. It is contemplated in either written or verbal form.

1. "Jahinder's CV says she can type 200 words per minute with 99% accuracy, is that possible?"
2. RPL/RCC assessments require the performance information gathered and mapped against competency standards, to determine whether the information correlates. This is especially useful for someone who is already operating in the workplace at a particular level and wants to verify that they have the required skill and knowledge for an upgraded work position.
eg: When Jon was asked to conduct a Powerpoint presentation on 'Occupational Health & Safety', he failed to do so.

1. "I swam 1.54.55 in the 200 meter butterfly two years ago, almost beat Michael Phelps at his own record of 1.54.58!"
2. Annie was disappointed to see that Tajdeed's penis wasn't really 12 inches, it was actually six inches. When she confronted Tajdeed about his exaggerated measurements, he blamed the six inch decrease on the cold weather and said that all men experience penis shrinkage in winter.
Stace told Kyle that she paid $5000 for a 2015 Honda civic. When he went to congratulate her on the car, he noticed it was dodged up with a stolen engine and it didn't have an owners manual. When he told Stace, she became defensive (although she did know it was stolen) and redirected the conversation. "see how it flies' did not work for her on this particular occasion because he was motor vehicle enthusiast and had a vast knowledge about the car industry.
Stace couldn't pull the wool over Tajdeed's eyes, he proved to be smart, aware and socially articulate.
by Clever little smartypants January 16, 2018
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