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1. A nerd, who has a crush on/dating the biggest nerd in the school

2. A nerd who is almost the biggest. Can't quite get the highest grades.

3. A dumb person that acts like a nerd. (broken glasses, pocket protector, etc.)

4. A smart person that doesn't act like a nerd.
1. Melony: Lauren's the second biggest nerd in the school
Taylor: She's not that bad
Melony: Yeah, but she's totally hot for Peter
Taylor: Now THAT's a nerd

2. Sam's the second biggest nerd because he keeps getting damn 100s instead of 101s.

3. Bob wore broken glasses and snorted when he laughed. He even had a pocket protector! He was still just the second biggest nerd because he made all Fs.

4. Gina: Sally's the second biggest nerd.
Addie: No way! She's like, cool!
Gina: Yeah, but she's got the highest GPA in the school.
by Lbooks93 December 05, 2006
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