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The PERFECT couple. Sean will piss her off, but then turn right back around and have her dying of laughter. Ella will get scared and nervous that Sean will leave her, but she always knows he won't. He always reassures her that he won't. Ella is DROP DEAD gorgeous (and Sean is pretty fine). They're very athletic and love working out. Sean is loving and makes jokes about how good-looking she is. She always tells him to shut up but then ends up hugging him for 20 minutes. They're literally perfect for each other. If you're a Sean you better not let her get away. Ever.
""Hey did you see SEAN AND ELLA?" "Yeah bro they're literally perfect for each other.""
""I wish I can have a relationship like SEAN AND ELLA." "Ikr...GOALSSSSS!!""
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by woahbro123 June 30, 2017
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