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A person who blankets everyone around them because they feel it is the only thing they are capable of doing well. They care more for others than themselves and are selfless beings. Usually female. Typically a delicate and petite girl with green eyes and brown or red hair. Seablankets are also very insecure but pride themselves on being so compassionate. Are very often also a doormat.
What a seablanket. She just lets people use her and use her and then she goes right back. She's a wonderful person but damnit, she spends her life being walked all over and never ceasing to care. Pathetic existance. Admirable, though. You could never hate someone like that.
by teknalbaes November 22, 2009
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A manta ray, so named because their flat, flexible bodies resemble blankets
I saw the cutest baby sea blanket at the aquarium today!
by CosetteDaae March 30, 2015
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