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A kickass movie starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.
It just rocks, okay? Go see it now.
by Tronno December 19, 2004
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South Korean R&B and pop singer.

He started off his career by cleaning studio floors and training for 4 years at YG Entertainment. He debuted in 2003 in S. Korea with his title song, "Come Back to Me" and later expanded through different parts of Asia. Then, Se7en debuted in Japan in 2005 with the title song called, "Light." Currently, he is working with American producers to release music in U.S.

Se7en believes it is his obligation to always sing live. He is very dedicated to fans and passionate about music.
Se7en is an amazing performer.
by heytheremarshmallow November 23, 2007
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The primary rapper and screamer in Brokencyde. Also is a major hottie. He also does his own music and has amazing songs called "I'm a slut" and "Shorty on my lap".
I love Brokencyde, I want Se7en to cum on my face.
by Vanessa.BC13 Motherfucker. January 02, 2010
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