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Skinny Chavy Ugly Druggie kiddies.

Subset of the Chav. Usually a group of 4+ early teens boys and girls found loitering in public places during daylight hours, particularly in school holidays. While not as actively confrontational or aggressive as older chavs they do show signs of confidence in being untouchable through littering, graffiti and random mumbled insults to passing strangers. When not engaging in proto-antisocial behaviour and they will be fondling their ubiquitous diamante covered smartphones.

Skinny: Most of the group will show evidence of malnutrition and a crisps and pop diet although in larger groups there is often one salad dodger who in summer has no problem showing the ample flesh – this is presumably because either they too young to have become body-conscious or they’ve developed the pound shop gangster mentality very young.

Chavy: Due to their age they don't have access to benefits with which to buy ‘quality’ branded sportswear and adornments. As a result the males look like they've raided the 'under £1' box in charity shops and the females look like they've acquired their jewellery and make up in lucky bags and Christmas crackers.

Ugly: It’s unclear whether there is a cause and effect relationship between being a chav and coming from the shallow end of the Gene pool but there is certainly a very strong co-relation.

Druggie: Despite the obvious poverty there will invariably be a splif circulating around the group.
I never go to the park during the school holidays 'cos it's full of scudies.
by shallowgirl July 26, 2013
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It can be, or actually HAS to be flexed.
It has various characteristics:
-Easily embarrassed
-Very punchable

Usually, when being flexed, a scudy resists, but is always is always flexed in the end.
A: Oh boi, I really wanna flex.
B: Let's go find some scudies.

A: Dude look at that scudy.

B: Damn. Go flex him.
by ScudyFlexer May 20, 2018
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