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The order of Scubby Gobbin is a secret society of sophisticated free-thinking intellectuals that discuss high-brow current affairs. Contributions to discussion are generally conducted in low volumes, but of a high calibre - most commonly during bowel evacuation in the morning, or post-coitus in the evenings. Basically, a modern day equivalent of the illuminati, only less bavarian and more politically incorrect. It is often said that if Charles Dickens and Isaac Newton were alive today, they would be members of Scubby Gobbin. However, it is a rather exclusive society, there are less than 20 members of this group. It is said that one must complete a par-3 of 2L of milk in no less than 5 gulps to be accepted in to the group. There is no documented hierarchy of the group, which suggests it has leanings of a libertarian marxism derivative.
Ahhh I just took a huge dump, better tell the lads on scubby gobbin!
by Gary "Chooka" McGibbon February 10, 2018
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