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Formed during the dog days of summer 2005 in the piney hills hamlet of Ruston, Louisiana, the scuba jivahs burst onto the local barscene with longtime friends and musical accomplices Nixani and the Brothers Kirby. The Scuba Jivahs, a power trio, were born after a jam session at the pool house of local musician and public servant, Steve Hearn. After only a few tunes it became apparent to Matt Abram (bass), Josh "Jellyroll" Russell (drums), and Baker Wardlaw (guitar) that they were onto something big.

"I remember the first time we jammed, at baker's the old apartment, and we just knew." - Matt Abram

After multiple high energy, high octane practice sessions in Longstraw, Louisiana, the band decided they were ready and booked a gig with Nixani at the world renowned Sundown Tavern. Their first gig was followed by several others until Baker Wardlaw left to study in France for a year. A gig was booked for the week before Christmas. It was the first and only jivahs show to date that was recorded and tapes of this show have reached cult-like status in the underground live music scene. Upon his return from France, the jivahs played a reunion show with newcomers Oso Oro. Although there is no news from the jivahs camp, they are widely considered to be on a quasi-hiatus, brooding and awaiting the next opportunity for the three headed monster to rear its ugly head.
"brah, these guys are sick, deep jive!"

"awww man, that ain't jive, thats SCUBA JIVE!" - scuba jivahs
by uncleslug September 27, 2006
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