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a person who strokes the scrotem up and down or in a side to side motion with their tongue.

Any cheerleader, vandy candy, or major prep crying for help (slut)
Hey that dude got arrested for being a scrotem licker in public!

Stop whoring yourself to football players you fucking scrotem licker
by Furby, the jojo and loren February 20, 2005
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1. a person who is so desperate for ass she/he will actually lick it

2. any prep, poser, or braindead cheerleader

3. One who makes faces while making out as if they were trying to fit their tongue up a scrotem
1. Dina's boyfriend was so sick of being turned down by the ppl he cheats on her with he began to be Dina's personal scrotem licker!

2. Look at those fuckin scrotem lickers in american eagle.

3. Did you see the way Dustin kisses, it makes him look like a total scrotem licker
by Jo Jo, Loren, and Ashley February 25, 2005
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