Scribblenauts is an upcoming emergent puzzle action video game in development by 5TH Cell and conceptualized by game designer Jeremiah Slaczka for the Nintendo DS. The game has recently found a publisher through Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and is to be released in September of 2009. It is the third Nintendo DS video game made by 5TH Cell, the first two being Drawn to Life and Lock's Quest. The objective of Scribblenauts, as implied by its catchphrase "Write Anything, Solve Everything", is to complete puzzles to collect "Starites", helped by the player's ability to summon a large variety of objects by writing an object's name on the touchscreen.
hey cris, im totally exited about the new games, scribblenauts,

im probably going to have god vs the devil.. YOU CAN DO THAT,THIS GAME IS AMAZING
by jerry slazka July 10, 2009
a young stupid child who doesn't know up from down
"we already have enough scribblenauts in our discord"
by Nyrick November 12, 2020
A simple game. Where you can type in anything you've ever dreamed of. Is your mind blown? IS YOUR MIND BLOWN!?
I hated scribblenauts because of the horrible controls, and I hear Super Scribblenauts is- Hey, wait, what are you doing with that shot gun?
by jimbobjoebobjimbobjoe September 8, 2010