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The dead offspring of the Spycrab, being in Team Fortress 2 flying around the surroundings of pl_upward and ctf_2fort for half a day before Valve patched the glitch, knocking the species into extinction. The scout bird was discovered by a lone youtuber in the wild playing plr_hightower when he found a bug caused by the Atomizer recent patch. This bug was performed by holding the Mad Milk and dying in spawn, dropping the milk on the floor, and picking it up while holding down m1 with the mad milk in hand. Doing this causes the scout to enter an A-posed state. In this state, you are allowed infinite double jumps, allowing the scout to fly. Note that the scout cannot attack during this state. Unfortunately, the TF2 team saw this bug and quickly patched it up before it was a day old.
those scout birds should get kicked...
by tf2faninc May 18, 2018
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