dirty ass school in a shitty town where the most interesting thing that’s happened is the history teacher fucking the librarian. none of the students have any personality and their sense of humor is so mf cringey pls stay away
that bitch is so unfunny and annoying, she must go to scotch plains fanwood highschool”
by peepeewoof May 18, 2020
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a high school located in scotch plains, new jersey. it is full of lots of hoes and fake people and it's the type of school where everyone knows everything about everybody because things spread fast.
Woah look at what she's wearing, she must go to Scotch Plains Fanwood High School.
by SPFanonymous March 14, 2017
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The meaning of Scotch my Plains means to "Lick my asshole and call me daddy".
You can go 'Scotch my Plains', motherfucker!
by yeet_the_meat March 10, 2019
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