The Melbourne one
A prestigious school in Hawthorn, larger and better than the knock off one in Perth (original was founded in 1851, the Perth one was founded in 1890)
Year nines have horrible mullets and try to be eshays but fail and year seven kids are gay
Too many asians most of them are nerds

You can find many blokes from there walking down glenferrie trying to flirt on girls from the nearby girls school MLC
The original Scotch College is waaaay better than the one in Perth - me
I know brooo - friend
Kid who attends the one in Perth - I agree with you mine is shit
by Chris Wilder February 16, 2021
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A private school in Perth filled with a bunch of crap lads
"I bet that kid was a scotch college kid"
"Yeah he was such a maggot"
by Dr Dank May 3, 2015
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a snobby boys school in swanborne full of nice guys just looking for a fun time ;) however they are also unfortunately extremely gay and retarded. mostly super hot and cill. most of the boarders are cool dudes apart from the year 7s who are extra gay and are so socially retarded that they cant talk to girls without crying.
girl 1: ohhh damn look at that guy! what tf he's so hottttttt!!!!
girl 2: *drools* must be from scotch college, just look at that ass!!!
random girl: he's a year 7! EWWWWW
*girls run away and cry and pray away their sins*
by loverboy125 November 27, 2019
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