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A form of fisticuffs, perfected early in the new millennium by Master Salty. This form of fisticuffs is done by forming the hands in fists and curling the arms to the face, with the back of the hand facing your opponent. To strike, one must fling their hands toward the enemy (still facing them with the back of them) and hitting with the back side of the knuckles, much like a scorpion. This is done until one fighter submits.
Jim: Dude, how could you ask her out? I like her!
Bob: Well, I like her too...
Jim: only one way to settle this..
Bob: huh?
Bob: WTF?!
*Jim strikes Bob many times*
Jim: It is decided! She Shall be mine!
Bob: WTF?!
by Patrick Earley July 07, 2008
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