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someone who likes the scooter scene and it's music and vibe but hasn't got a scooter.
This can mean at best those who wish to support the scene for those who do have scooters and love to ride whatever the weather, all the way to those who wish to enjoy the 'positive' as they see it: clothes, dance, booze, social scene, soul music, bands, cameraderie, but don't want what they see as the negative aspects 'the riding hundreds of miles on underpowered machines in poor weather, fixing vintage machines yourself, spending lots of money maintaining an inherently unreliable and expensive machine.

Scootourists: 'miss the point' of scootering
Like a biker without a bike, a hells angel without the bike, leather or brothers, a soulie without vinyl or a dancefloor, they clutter the scene believing they belong when they are deluding themselves and fooling no one else.
Hey look at Rob: what's he doing here?
Did he buy a scooter?
'No He's a scootourist now' look at his clean jacket, everyone else looks damp around the edges: not him: he came in his car!
Did you wave at him?
yeah: with 2 fingers! what a loser!
the proverbial 'spare prick at a wedding'
by terry fuckwitt1 September 28, 2011
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